Unshackled Education

At Nova Academia, curious and passionate students enjoy academic freedom in a stimulating and empowering environment, optimizing personal development and fostering societal progress.

Whether you already have a degree but want to expand your analytical and critical thinking skills, or whether your goal is to engineer, develop, innovate or create – based on research – you are welcome at Nova Academia.

Sign up for our mentorship program and/or apply for the 1-year masters-level campus-style program in social sciences (starting September 2024). Unshackle your potential and help rebuild a strong, healthy and functional community.

The Academia

A buzzing hub of seasoned researchers and curious learners, where academic freedom reigns.


Thinkers, developers and engineers from academia, industry, journalism, schools, and elsewhere.


Education and research into humanities & social sciences, natural & formal sciences, language & linguistics, critical thought & philosophy, and much else.

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Our Mission

Nova Academia was conceived at the Second Science Summit – Uncensored in 2023 in Amsterdam, born from a desire to create a free, high-quality, and joyful academic institution. Its founders and initial supporters have a long-running interest in education, finding each other during the struggle against government overreach, and in the wish to counter the erosion of academic standards during the slide of existing universities into low-level obedience training centres.

The general aim of the Academy is to inspire and nurture inquisitive minds, support valuable initiatives and groundbreaking research, and establish thriving, free-thinking and humane communities.

Academic Freedom

In recent years, a community of freedom-oriented thinkers has emerged with a shared goal of promoting and preserving the principles of academic freedom. Our focus is on advancing these ideals for the benefit of both individuals and society as a whole. We strive to create an environment conducive to personal development and growth, while upholding the values of freedom and autonomy. From staff to student, everyone at Nova Academia is dedicated to cultivating and sustaining the torch of academic freedom, and we seek to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share our vision and passion for positive change.

Cutting Edge Research

In the mentorship program, we teach and challenge students to conduct interesting cutting-edge research in an area of interest to both mentor and student. The nature of our guidance depends on the mentor(s) involved. It may include workshops, reading groups, regular one-on-one meetings, co-authorship, joint production of videos, study trips, etc.


Mentorship Programs

Although Nova Academia does not provide standard university programs, we do offer academic mentor-student education. This includes one-on-one mentorships, with mentors guiding one or multiple students, and collaborative educational services, where a team of mentors devise and organise a program for one or more students.

Our Mentors

Our Founders

Professor Dr Paul Frijters

Academic Director

Dr Erika Turkstra

Head Location

Dr Dolf van Wijk


Dr Tjeerd Andringa

Head of epistemological development

Willem Engel

Head Culture

Anne Willemsen

Head Media

Drs Djamila le Pair

Head Student Affairs

Esther van Loo

Head Language & Cultural Education

Professor Paul Frijters
Academia at its best is about beauty, where young minds discover and interpret the world; where communities of both students, academic mentors, and life mentors are built for personal and group betterment; and which is a place of intellectual light and freedom in this world. The purpose of Nova Academia for me is to embody what Academia can be and thus to be a place that discovers and spreads truth and good ways to live.

Unshackled Education

Central at Nova Academia is academic freedom. We honour open debate and welcome differing viewpoints. It is our belief that critical thinking, a generous heart and an explorative mind form the basis of strong individuals and a blossoming society.

Positive learning environment

Our academics and students enjoy the freedom to think, write, design and create. We limit bureaucracy, as much as we can. This radical freedom attracts the brightest and brings out the best in all involved.

Benefits of Mentoring

Aspiring researchers, designers and engineers participating in the mentorship program will learn how to conduct research and/or create impressive works, amidst a community of like-minded thinkers, involved in a range of shared events and learning activities. Nova Academia is fortunate to have a dedicated group of mentors, many of whom have ‘regular’ jobs at top universities or companies, who are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about their expertise and research. Each mentor supports a particular area of research or learning activities, taking on smart thinkers from all walks of life, including those who have a job or are enrolled at a different university. What mentors ask in return is students’ dedication to self-development, community-building, and mutually beneficial learning and research activities. The mentor-mentee bond is a friendly, though professional, partnership; it is up to both parties to find a good match and make it work.

Our Events

Keep up to date with our events and sign up for activities organised by mentors, students, or Nova Academia staff members.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Our Articles

Browse through our growing online library, where you’ll find articles and books by, or about, Nova Academia’s mentors, lecturers and students.

Do you want to prepare your future with us?

Find a mentor who shares your vision for research, find out more about the 1-year program.