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Educating critical thinkers in a Castle! Nova Academia kicks off…

Where once upon a time you were intellectually challenged, so as to become responsible adults, university students now find themselves in large impersonal bureaucratic systems that treat you as vulnerable to wrong thinking. You learn docility and dogma, leaving you unprepared for the demands of work and adulthood. Why waste your life in such soulless places when there is another way?

        Nova Academia, currently in the process of being established, is situated in a fairytale castle in Wallonia, Belgium. Its founders will be given the key on 22 March to train critical-thinking people for tomorrow’s challenges. ‘Who are these two birds of paradise? And what exactly are they up to?” was the opening question from programme maker Flavio Pasquino, who interviewed founders Dr Erika Turkstra and Prof Paul Frijters about their plans and motivations.

        The academy offers a one-year course focusing on economics and health in particular, alongside a broad, holistic orientation to the world as a whole. Meanwhile, many teachers, from home and abroad, have joined. Including familiar names like emeritus professor Prof Kees van der Pijl.


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Educational Vision Nova Academia

This is the textual version of a presentation, by Tjeerd Andringa, addressing the Educational Vision of Nova Academia during the Inaugural Day on April 6, 2024. Note: This text is

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Prof. Gigi Foster guest of Weekends

Professor Gigi Foster from our Academic Advisory Board, guest of Weekends with Jason Olbourne.
GUEST OVERVIEW: Gigi Foster is a US-born academic and economist. She is currently a professor of economics at the University of New South Wales. She regularly appears in the Australian media on the topic of economics, Foster received a Bachelor of Arts (Ethics, Politics, and Economics) from Yale University, and completed a PhD in economics at the University of Maryland. Gigi has been vocal about her views on government policies related to COVID-19. She is a founder of Australians for Science and Freedom an organisation aimed at promoting intellectual and personal freedom in public debate and public policy, including the analysis of scientific questions, and the transparency, contestability and accountability of public decision-making.

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Dr. Tjeerd Andringa ‘What is Authority?’

Nova Academia’s Sample Teaching Sessions on the 2nd of March 2024

An interactive discussion-rich lecture by Dr Tjeerd Andringa on Truth, Authority, and the 6 levels of Mental Development. An example of how we teach at Nova Academia.

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