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Mentors at Nova Academia are academics, teachers, journalists, and industry professionals. We cherish academic freedom, enjoy sharing knowledge and expertise with inquisitive minds, and facilitate vital and bold scientific research and innovation. From us to the next generation.

How to Apply

We welcome seasoned academics from all fields – researchers, engineers, designers developers, journalists and business experts. In short, tutors able and keen to share their rich professional and life experiences, in order to educate the promising of the next generation.

Aspiring mentors can apply to join the growing Novia Academia team by filling out the Mentor Profile Submission Form.

In order to fill out the form, a password is required, which can be requested by sending an email to

The submitted profile will be evaluated by the Academic Director and other members of staff, after which it will be uploaded to the website.

Please view the corresponding page for more details about the mentorship program.

To get an idea of what your profile could include, please check out the descriptions of our current mentors.

For aspiring mentors:
To submit a profile, please make a request by sending an email to

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