Dr Cameron Murray
Fresh Economic Thinking, previously the University of Sydney
Brisbane, Australia

Function and area of knowledge

Physical location

Brisbane, Australia

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Projects are encouraged that seek to narrow in on what works when it comes to economic and policy settings. This can be by learning from existing systems abroad or historically, or through potential small-scale experimentation, pilots or trials. Topics related to housing and property, resource taxation, public service provision, and economic regulation, are all suitable, though interesting proposals in any economic field will be considered.

Envisaged activities/program

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

Applicant requirements

– Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline (Master’s level work/degree even better) – Pragmatic, motivated, and optimistic – Competent mathematically with the ability to learn statistical and computing skills – Commitment to using research to serve the broad social good

Application process

– There are no formal requirements or forms – Contact ckmurray@gmail.com with your proposal or ideas along with evidence that you would meet the requirements, such as a university transcript and CV. – Promising candidates will be invited for further discussions