Dr. David Bell
Various Australian health services. UK NHS. World Health Organization. Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics. Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund. Various biotech and global health consulting roles.
Lake Jackson, Texas, USA.

Function and area of knowledge

Public health, the functions and politics of international health institutions. Biotechnology and its integration into healthcare and health markets. Epidemiology and the relations of humans and human health with the wider environment.

Physical location

Lake Jackson, Texas, USA.

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Broad interests. Particularly around how health is understood in society, and the politics that drive different approaches. Infectious diseases and factors that promote and manage them, including the current approaches to pandemic preparedness and response, and their relationship to evidence, and historical understanding of health and human agency and sovereignty. The role of technology in health, and it’s promises and threats. Similarly, the roles of governments and how public health is sued, and abused, to push other agendas.

Envisaged activities/program

Understanding different concepts of ‘health’, and the roles of various interventions, and societal changes, on health outcomes. The politics, funding and interactions of public and private health organizations on a global scale, including the current changes in roles and power structures in global health. Understanding the current pandemic and climate-health agendas in the light of these changing structures and relationships. Critical appraisal of health programs and understandings, and the impact of ethical and cultural concerns ion defining health priorities.

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

Perhaps best to point to where most of my non-academic writing is located: https://brownstone.org/author/david-bell/

Applicant requirements

An interest in health and the relationship between health and society. An enquiring mind.

Application process