Dr David McGrogan
Associate Professor, Northumbria Law School, UK
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Function and area of knowledge

Political philosophy, law, history, literature, and the locations where these disciplines intersect.

Physical location

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

I am interested in two main topics. The first is understanding how the modern state regulates circulation or ‘flow’ (of currency, energy, migration, information, etc), and how this causes it to stake claims on the property, speech, association and even conscience of the population. The second is understanding in detail how constitutional and administrative law have been deployed as an aspect of politics, and for political ends – primarily within the UK – and the way this has facilitated what is sometimes called ‘ideological capture’.

Envisaged activities/program

There are two potential opportunities to study with me. The first is the Basic programme. Here, I assign formal guided reading and meet once a month to discuss what has been read. Materials are from a diverse range, encompassing works of history, political philosophy, literature, and legal textbooks and cases. No prior knowledge or experience is required – just an open mind and a desire to understand our situation more fully. The second is the Advanced programme. Here, I join mentees in reading materials afresh, and meet once a month to share perspectives and ideas. Here, a background in postgraduate research is required.

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

My substack is updated around twice a week and is available here: https://newsfromuncibal.substack.com

Applicant requirements

For the Basic programme, there are no formal requirements. For the Advanced programme, a Master’s degree in an appropriate discipline is required.

Application process

Email me at davidmcgrogan@protonmail.com with a short CV or career summary and a one-page (of A4) document explaining what appeals to you about what I have described on this page.