Assistant Professor David Richards
Medical Superclinic Benowa
Gold Coast Australia

Function and area of knowledge

The bulk of my experience has been in primary care and I have developed novel preventative health models of care, which imagine health on a continuum. Often disease emerges from a catastrophic event, but the antecedents to the event were apparent well before. Identifying and modifying these emergent properties is key to disease prevention. I have extensive experience in translational genomics and I was privileged to have visited Okinawa some years back to understand some of the secrets to their longevity. I have presented at an international cardiovascular meetings on genomics and carotid ultrasound and I have peer reviewed articles for The European Journal of Clinical Investigation on genomics and carotid ultrasound. I also have experience in Nutritional Genomics, Cognition and Psychology. As well as my medical degree I have a degree in Human Genetics and Immunology.

Physical location

Gold Coast Australia

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Genomics General Medicine Preventative Medicine Carotid Ultrasound Immunology Psychology

Envisaged activities/program

Modern Clinical Care Translational Genomics Nutritional Genomics Psychology Preventative Healthcare

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

Nutritional Genomics by Wayne Bidlack, Raymond Rodriguez.// The Music of Life by Denis Noble// Complexity: Life at the Edge of Chaos by Roger Lewin// Chaos Making a New Science James Gleick.// Memory and Madness Stanley B. Prusiner// Homocysteine in Protein Structure / Function and Human Disease Hieronim Jakubowski// Preventive Medicine Geoffrey Rose//how Polyamines Tomonobu Kusani – Hideuki Suzuki// The Emperor of Maladies Siddhartha Mukherjee// The Third Chimpanzee, Why Sex is Fun and Guns, Germs and Steel all by Jarod Diamond// I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help by Xavier Amador// Overcoming Paranoid and Suspicious Thoughts by Daniel Freeman// The Tell-Tale Brain by V.S. Ramchandran// Factfulness by Hans Rosling// Blitzed by Norman Ohler// The Trial by Franz Kafka//

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