Dr. Ir. Edwin J.F. Delsing
Head Architect / Head of Corporate Real Estate (Nestlé), Self-employed/CEO
Villeneuve VD, Suisse

Function and area of knowledge

A trained Dutch architect (TU Delft) and structural engineer, with a PhD degree in technical science (TU Eindhoven), with professional experience in design, procurement, project management and entrepreneurial consultancy, mainly for industrial clients. Edwin has been Global Head of Corporate Real Estate of Nestlé, based in Switzerland and runs his own business. Apart from specialisms, such as the design and construction of highly complex factories and laboratories, I acquired knowledge in portfolio management, corporate finance, international accounting and specialized tax schemes.

Physical location

Villeneuve VD, Suisse

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

1. Extra- and supranational enterprise: how multinational companies win the race (lectures followed by a simulation game) 2. Valuation methods such as NPV, market value, potential future value, real estate valuation, etc. (lectures) 3. Project management: how to manage a complex project: from feasability to delivery, (e.g. project work: your own new production facility)

Envisaged activities/program

1. knowledge transfer (lectures) 2. broadening the knowledge base on specific topics 3. students prepare their mini-lectures & receive feedback on their presentation skills 4. application in project work (afternoons)

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand (1943).

Applicant requirements

Interest is the base of thorough learning. No prior knowledge is required. Active attitude, both in individual study as in team activity

Application process

By subscription to a course