Dr Erika Turkstra
Senior Director in consulting/previous associate professor in health technology assessment
London, UK

Function and area of knowledge

evidence-based medicine, health technology assessment

Physical location

London, UK

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Review evidence for health interventions (e.g., medical devices or systems) and provide an assessment whether they provide value for society if they would be reimbursed by payers. Critical appraisals of published manuscripts, understanding the elements that make a study a good study

Envisaged activities/program

In a group or as an individual, select a health intervention (e.g. different service provision) which would benefit a society and therefore would help if it can be included in reimbursement system within a country. Once a health intervention is selected, as a group, develop a submission to the health technology assessment body to support reimbursement. The intervention and region to be decided. I envisage bi-weekly meetings (online/in person).

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

to be determined

Applicant requirements

Interest in health sciences, preferably Bachelors/Masters level. Applicants need to be team players and resilient. – Applicants must be willing to engage on Discord and help out with small chores related to the running of Nova Academia.

Application process

– Send an email to: ghturkstra@gmail.com. Describe your motivation on why you would be interested in one page and provide a brief CV with your experience. Online kick-off: tbd, Februari/March 2024.