Professor Garrett Brown
University of Leeds
Leeds, United Kingdom

Function and area of knowledge

I am Chair of Global Health Policy. My general area of research expertise is global health policy with a specialism in health financing. Recently I have become a policy expert on pandemic preparedness. I was on the UK Cabinet Office COVID-19 Roundtable Group before quitting due to policy disagreements and have worked with a number of international organisations and national governments, including the WHO, G7, G20, the Government of Zimbabwe, the South Africa Department of Public Health, the National Health Research Institute in Mozambique and a handful of other organisations. As a result, I have a unique mix of academic research expertise and direct policy experience. Lastly, in some circles, I am considered an expert in cosmopolitanism, having written a number of books on the subject (both critically and optimistically).

Physical location

Leeds, United Kingdom

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Two possible topic streams based on research expertise. Could mentor a wide range of topics under these general categories: 1. Global Health Policy, Health Financing, Pandemic Preparedness, and Global Public Health. 2. Global Ethics, the Politics of Health, Cosmopolitan Theory and Kantian Political Philosophy.

Envisaged activities/program

My current research critically examines the emerging pandemic prevention, preparedness and response agenda (PPPR). The research is largely motivated by COVID-19 and what I saw as counterproductive and harmful policies. One envisaged program would be for mentees to engage with their own critical exploration of the emerging PPPR agenda and to identify issues and concerns in need of better analysis and reflection. Where possible, and if interested, mentees would be invited to join ongoing research as part of a wider research team.

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

I am a painter and lover of 20th century fiction. In a former life, before global health, I was a copyright lawyer and then political philosopher (randomly my PhD is in Immanuel Kant’s Political Philosophy – not immediately connected to global health financing, although not fully removed either). Reading that might perk an interest in the potential pitfalls of pandemic preparedness and its politicalisation: Who is “anti-science?” Public Health in Practice (2024): Rational policy over panic: A report on zoonosis spill-over risk assessments in pandemic preparedness and response policy (2024):

Applicant requirements

Intellectual interest and curiosity about the topic. The motivation to expand one’s understanding as well as the willingness to dedicate the time to do so.

Application process

An email expression of interest with topic outline and any other formal requirements associated with Nova Academia.