Dr Maarten Fornerod
Biologist, optimist, and interested in the unknown.
Amsterdam-Rotterdam area, The Netherlands

Function and area of knowledge

Associate professor, independent researcher and teacher of Molecular Medicine and Nanobiology. Areas of knowledge are molecular and cell biology, computational biology, statistics, philosophy and ethics in science.

Physical location

Amsterdam-Rotterdam area, The Netherlands

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Bioinformatic evaluation of genetic pharmaceutical products Health benefits of treatment with supraphysiological oxygen and molecular hydrogen Critical evaluation of medical safety studies in the era of conflicted science

Envisaged activities/program

Experimental in silico approaches and literature research

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

To be discussed.

Applicant requirements

Applicant should be curiosity driven with strong ethical values, must have a critical view of regular academia, magnified by Covid and other crises, and willing to participate in a network of open minded, non-dogmatic scientist. The applicant needs to demonstrate these characteristics in his or her application letter.

Application process

Send email with CV and elements of the requirements as a start for a in person meeting.