Mentorship Program

Nova Academia is where curious, creative and engaged hearts and minds meet. We welcome motivated students and seasoned mentors to learn from each other and contribute to a flourishing society, by furthering science, development and innovation.

Tailored Mentorship Program

A student’s mentorship assignment will be formulated with, and confirmed by, the mentor. It may include help with research, design, or development projects of interest to the mentor; the writing of joint papers; joint reading groups; workshops; joint podcasts; cultural events; personal development meetings, etc. Mentors will list the activities they are happy to facilitate in their profiles, or discuss them with their mentees, individually.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for mentees are set by their mentors. Mentors may accept students already enrolled at existing universities, as well as mature-age students with jobs. For more information, see: “Choose Your Mentor”.

Online Communication

Online interaction between mentors and students will take place through a communal Discord group. Announcements, scheduled book readings, discussion groups (both on video and chat), mentorship-student meetings, and other regular joint activities are communicated via Discord. Mentees’ access to the Nova Academia Discord group is by invitation from their mentor.

Mentor – Mentee Cooperation

The mentorship-student relation works on the same principles as friendships between responsible adults. Thus, if any issues or disagreements arise between mentors and their students, we expect them to resolve matters through respectful dialogue.

When dialogue fails…

Everyone at Nova Academia is highly committed to ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved, There is, however, no external dispute resolution mechanism or ‘authority’ that oversees the mentorship-student relations. Students who encounter problems in the interaction with their mentor(s) and are not able to resolve them, may apply to other mentors, but do need to mention their involvement with previous mentors. Likewise, if mentors encounter problems in the interaction with a mentee and have unsuccessfully tried to resolve matters through dialogue, they, too, can opt to change their involvement with the student’s mentorship program, or end the program altogether. Both parties are expected to invest in their cooperation. Neither have an automatic right to an ongoing relation, nor a guarantee to be given another mentor/student if a mentorship relation does not work out.


Time-limits to the mentorship-student relation are set by mentors and would normally be one year, or else conclude with the completion of the mentorship-project.

Novia Academia is not an accredited institution. This means we have the freedom to teach, research and design, as we see fit, and are not obliged to adhere to a government’s or NGO’s agenda.

At the end of the mentorship program, students will receive a certificate and we are confident that the product of their mentorship program will be a students’ best proof of their skills and ability.

Celebration & Recognition

Celebration events and particularly impressive pieces of output will be advertised on the Nova Academia website, subject to approval from peers.

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