Professor Nick Blismas
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia

Function and area of knowledge

Project management, design processes, alternative education

Physical location

Melbourne, Australia

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Alternative education models, social consequences of industrialising construction

Envisaged activities/program

The program of study is highly variable and dependent on the goals of the applicant. It could range from ongoing Socratic dialogue that forces deeper reading and exploration of a subject area, to something more akin to a research project seeking some novel solutions to identified problems.

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading for a small selection of my academic work

Applicant requirements

Applicants must demonstrate their ability to think critically and be open to exploring ideas through reading, discussion, debate and observation. Typically a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline would be expected. Applicants must be able to articulate ideas and arguments well, typically demonstrated through a degree requiring significant written work. And very importantly, good humour, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude to ensure the journey is stimulating and enjoyable.

Application process

Send your full CV, a written piece from your degree program (e.g. thesis, final project, major essay) and a one-page description of your interests and goals from the mentorship. Should the proposal be of interest, an online meeting will be arranged to discuss the process further.