Professor DR IR Rogier Wolfert
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands

Function and area of knowledge

Professor or Engineering Asset Management

Physical location

The Netherlands

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

Professor Wolfert is already supporting various MSc and PhD students on various Odesys & ODL projects, but is still looking for design-capable and systems thinkers in a few particular R&D areas and Open Design Learning (ODL) projects (see and/or Open end starting from p. 265 of the ‘Open Design Systems ‘book) : 1. Design to best fit for common purpose: the Preferendus. 2. The socio-eco enterprise fit for future. 3. Development of engineering project & service management systems 4. Multicriteria R&D innovation market analysis, using PFM modelling Do you have a topic in mind within these themes and are you interested in conducting your project under my supervision? Or are you already running a MSc/PhD project at an existing university and just want to involve my expertise in it? Then feel free to contact me as a mentor by writing us an A4 proposal with your connecting and compelling ideas as a starting point for a reflective dialogue with me.

Envisaged activities/program

More project details will be a matter of negotiation. These projects are done without payments by either side. Our interaction is intended to be pleasant, professional, and good-humoured, yet also challenging. Good candidates will be mixed with my existing Odesys community. Please take note that the following preconditions apply for my mentorships: 1. Personal attitude: I expect you to have a courageous, critical and curious problem-solving attitude that contributes to compassionate project execution. 2. Knowledge sharing: I ask the student to (1) write a concise and clear blog on his/her project to be publish on the Odesys website and (2) present his/her research within the Odesys community 3. Publication: Involvement of me as a co-author in the event of a (scientific) publication based on the project. 4. Governance in case of existing projects: I provide supervision on condition that the I will be in the end formally acknowledged as a supervisor.

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading

Applicant requirements

Detailed selection criteria and process: – There are no formal requirements, except that the applicants cannot be under-age. – Applicants need to be smart, highly motivated, proven technically capable in a field of expertise (IT, stats, maths, administration, etc.). – Students with jobs or who are enrolled at existing universities (MSc or PhD) are acceptable and even preferred. Proof of technical capability can take the form of prior relevant education (like a bachelor, master or PhD in relevant areas), but also achievements in work or other documentable outputs. – Proof of an open design and systems thinking mindset must be clear from a CV. – Cooperation with a public or private organization, including the possibility of project and/or prototype validation is a requirement. – Candidates should be willing to communicate about their project in (scientific) journals and or other media. – Projects with 1 or more students (max. 4) are possible.

Application process

Mentorship applications including a short CV, a concise one A4 letter of interest that states which project the student wants to pursue and what their own experience in those areas are, can be sent directly via email to, with pdfs or initial simple text acceptable formats.