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A warm welcome to you and thank you for your interest in sponsoring this endeavour. We have specific information and offer for parents/carers who wish to sponsor a young adult, for philantropists who are thinking of sponsoring young adults or particular activities, and for corporate sponsors who are thinking of sponsoring the endeavour on a quid-pro-quo basis.

If you are already interested, you can Sign Up Here immediately for sponsorship information sessions, taster workshops, sponsorship on-campus visits, and/or the on-campus sponsorship dinner in July 2024.

General Information on the endeavour

Nova Academia is a new academic institution for young adults wanting valuable skills, freedom of thought and expression, an on-campus experience and community, and a pro-social constructive life. Starting in September 2024, we offer three one-year programs:

These programs take place in two schools within Nova Academia: a School of Economics and a School of Health. These share a basic curriculum for the first 6 months and then branch out. Throughout the year there are many visiting international scholars and thinkers giving workshops on a huge variety of topics, ranging from dance to Russian to propaganda studies to Bitcoin to AI. There are places in 2024 for up to 100 young adults. Applications will remain open till filled. The application process includes a personal conversation with one of the organising Nova Academia academics.

Parents / Carers Sponsors

Are you thinking of sponsoring your child or children you know and hence want to pay their fees, but you wonder whether our programs are a good match for them and what our ‘intentions and values’ are? A few relevant considerations:

1. What Motivates Us

Nova Academia is set up by top academics, thinkers, and citizens concerned about current universities. We have been convinced by our own experiences, and supported by books like Allen Ginsberg’s 2011 “The Fall of the Faculty”, that students in current universities get very little critical thinking, are given a highly negative self-image, are not stimulated in their creativity or in healthy habits, are often not given any meaningful personal feedback but are taught via video and memory-oriented exams, and are in essence wasting their time and their futures.

Universities are now highly bureaucratic, infested with mediocre academics, and have no interest in doing research or adult-development that actually helps the community. In short, they have lost their way and your children are wasting their time there, particularly if they learn something that is politically interesting, like economics or health, because they are then under commercial pressures to substitute truth and realism for what is commercially more expedient. In short, if you know what is going on, you should not send your children to do humanities at current universities in the Benelux or in Anglo-Saxon universities.

2. More Than Academic Knowledge

A strong part of what we want to achieve is broad personal development, including aesthetics, healthy habits, and being able to interact with peers. On a typical day at our new academy, students would spend 3 hours in the morning on new conceptual ideas and new cognitive skills, whilst they would spend 3 hours in the afternoon on movement, aesthetics, and social interactions. In large parts, broad personal development activities will be organised and explored by students themselves, but we will equip them with conversation habits, a positive free speech culture, and a clear and actionable vision on self-development. Whilst we will insist on basic politeness on campus, students are free to debate and say anything, especially what they can substantiate, with many organised intellectual and social events.

3. Closest Competitors?

We believe there is no comparable program to what we are offering, which represents a complete re-think of Western academia, combining the intellectual curiosity and Socratic methods of ancient universities with modern techniques that facilitate organised mass peer-evaluations and experiential learning. We basically bring the best of classic academia with what we have learned from our time in Business Schools, the research world, and the corporate world. The closest to what we offer would be specialised top-talent programs in teaching-oriented business schools, with fees of around 100 thousand US dollars.

4. Job Relevancy

Students in the economics stream will learn highly marketable knowledge of both economic ideas and the actual sectors of the economy of the Benelux, hence ready to decide where they might want to work later on. For job-oriented students we will organise job fairs

5. What is the Health Stream About?

Students in the health stream will learn about what promotes healthy individuals and communities, ready to make positive contributions towards better health systems. This is invaluable for anyone who truly wishes to be ‘a healer’.

6. What Should All Students Get?

All students will get highly valuable critical thinking and statistical knowledge, useful in any scientific or top-end management role.

7. Personal Responsibility

We run an open campus for adults and hence students will be treated as adults who are curious and interested in their own development and that of their community. We will not see them or treat them as ‘customers’ or ‘snowflakes’. No one will be protected from the ideas of others that might improve their own ideas.

8. Mobile Phones and Social Media?

We recognise the damage social media and internet addiction is causing the youth, and on campus we will minimise its use to what is essential. Mobile phones will not be allowed in class or during activities and we will organise discussions between students to help them discover ways to help each other to stay offline. Humans are meant to talk face to face, not via screens.

9. The Policy on Intimacy

We will run a ‘consenting adults’ policy towards intimacy, flanked by the general presumption that every person is the guardian of everyone else, and where the situation is that typically everyone has a roommate. The students will be each other’s brothers, sisters, and keepers. We are not going to be their nannies, though there will probably be both male and female staff in the castle every evening for emergencies.

10. Our Personal Situation

Most of the academics, thinkers, and citizens involved are married with elderly children, having had (successful) careers. We are not doing this for the money or fame, but because we think this is a useful thing to do for ourselves and our community. It is a positive and constructive response to the challenges of our time.

11. Where Do Most People Come From?

Whilst the gravity point is the Dutch-speaking community, the academy is multi-lingual, representing a variety of political and religious beliefs. This diversity is a core strength.

Find out more below about these programs, selection requirements, the teachers, and the topics, or Sign Me Up immediately for information sessions, taster-workshops, and/or boot camps.

Philanthropic Sponsors (1K min)

Do you want to sponsor the next generation of critical thinkers, help keep alive the flame of The Enlightenment, provide a safe space for ‘safe spaces’, stimulate new thinking in economics and health, or support us because you like our previous work? Thank you! We recommend you attend a sponsor-information session and our sponsorship dinner in July.

Via an aligned non-profit organisation that has its own charter and protocols in accordance with the rules on charities, we offer three distinct sponsorship possibilities:

Please Sign Up for the relevant events and/or suitable donations.

Corporate Sponsors (50k min)

Are you interested in doing something constructive for the community via education, attaching your name to a philanthropic project and visible asset like a lecture room, or are you interested in employing our critical-and-constructive thinking students?

We recommend you get in touch with us personally and already reserve for the in-person sponsorship dinner in July. Corporate sponsorships are determined case-by-case as we are looking for ongoing partnerships with businesses that have aligned views and interests.

Please contact us at sponsors@novacad.org and view our personal welcome message.

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