Dr. Tjeerd Andringa
Previously associate professor at the University of Groningen, now initiator of Worldview Masterclass
Groningen, Netherlands

Function and area of knowledge

My deepest interest as a researcher is to formulate and test a theory explaining the behavior of living beings from first principles. I call this core cognition: the cognition shared by all of life. It has a website www.corecognition.com This theory in development can explain diverse phenomena such as why the biosphere grew, why our cortical hemispheres create different outlooks on reality, the basic structure of identity, and why epistemological development has the steps it has.

Physical location

Groningen, Netherlands

Areas of Mentorship Interest

Topics for Mentorship

In this mentorship, I want to work with aspiring researchers from the behavioral sciences (such as psychologists, ethologists, sociologists, and even historians) who want to give a stronger theoretical foundation to the observations of their fields. One particular and underdeveloped interest is epistemological development (over a life-span). Lots are already available on authoritarianism that might be readily publishable. The practical format is to have a few sessions on the different aspects of core cognition and relate it to your competence and interests.

Envisaged activities/program

These connections are not necessarily congruent or supportive since I notice I learn more from connections that are (initially) at odds with my expectations. Until now, I adapted and grew core cognition in the face of these observations, and I’m now fairly convinced I can do this again. Hence the third step is to extend the core cognition framework (or perhaps refute it altogether) and write scientific papers about it. The mentorship is likely to work best with collaborators from multiple fields. We use the note-taking app Obsidian to develop more and more connections between your interests and core cognition.

Other items of interest / links to recommended reading


Applicant requirements

– Domain knowledge at least bachelor level, preferably master-level or PhD (even if you do not have the formal degree) – In general, I expect generalist thinkers who do not shun detail.

Application process

– Send an email with the subject: “Project Core Cognition” to tjeerda@corecognition.com – Describe your motivation and your first impressions of www.corecognition.com and the papers listed there.